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Please wear a mask to your visit. Allow about 90 minutes for your initial visit and about 60 minutes for return visits. During your initial visit we will discuss your health history in-depth, design a treatment plan and begin treatment. People are often surprised at how relaxing acupuncture can be. The sensation felt around the needles can be numbness, soreness, heaviness or movement of energy.
Acupuncture is always performed with very thin, sterile, one-use only disposable needles. Your practitioner will talk you through the acupuncture process to make sure you are completely comfortable.

Make sure to have a meal within a few hours of your visit. Some people experience light-headedness if they are hungry during an acupuncture treatment.

Please note: If you plan to use insurance to cover your acupuncture treatments, before setting up your initial visit you must first fill out our insurance verification form found under the Insurance tab above. Thank you!

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When you inquire about your insurance coverage or schedule your first visit we will send you an online initial intake form and a Covid-19 Informed Consent by email. These can be filled out and signed online on our secure HIPPA compliant server. If you require assistance filling out forms, please call us at 510-338-6952.

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Treatment Room

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Treatment Room