Affordable and compassionate care on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. 


Studio Address: 3804 Piedmont Ave., Oakland 94611 Phone: (510) 338-6952

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We take most insurance plans. We’re not accepting new patients with American SpecialtyHealth, Aetna, or Anthem Blue Cross. .

Do you have acupuncture coverage? We’ll be happy to check your benefits for you.
Do you need a physician’s referral? What’s your copay? Are we taking new patients in your network? We’ll find the answers to these questions before your first visit.

If you plan on using your insurance to pay for part or all of your treatment, please submit the following information before you book your first visit. Allow our office 2-3 business days and we will email you with your benefit details and a link to schedule your first visit. Please note that if you book an appointment without first having your coverage verified, we will collect our usual service fees at the time of your appointment. Thank you.

Insurance Verification Form

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  • Please provide the number for healthcare PROVIDERS to call. If there is no providers number, enter the MEMBER SERVICES number.
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*We are currently accepting new patients with  the following insurance and will bill plans directly: Cigna,  Landmark, United HealthCare, Sutter Health Plus, UMR, and Health Plan Services. We’re currently not accepting new patients with American Specialty Health, Aetna, or Anthem Blue Cross. Worker’s Comp cases require pre-approval with your adjuster.